We Help Sports Coaches

Take clients bookings online

All tiers above the “Advertising Tier” allow coaches to take clients bookings via a live online calendar. Clients book around coaches availability.

Take clients payments online

All tiers above the “Advertising Tier” allow coaches to take clients payments online with no hidden fees. Coaches receive 100% of the session cost.

Be seen- by the right people!

Any of our memberships come with FREE advertising of coaching services. This provides coaches with a targeted online presence to appear in search engines.

Manage clients in seconds

With our coaches dashboard, coaches can manage their clients all in one place in just a few clicks. This saves time and keeps track of your coaching schedule for you.


We Help Athletes/Clients

Book training sessions online

With our FREE athlete account, anyone can book training in just a few clicks. If someone doesn’t want to create an account? That’s fine, they can still book!

Pay for training sessions online

With our unique interrogated “Stripe Connect” system, anyone can pay for their training sessions with any major card in seconds! It really is that easy!

Find their next coach

With our ever growing selection of coaches, it has never been easier to find the right coach for each individual. Just select a sport and an area in the UK.

Manage their bookings

Athlete accounts can see past bookings, re-book, cancel and review all their training sessions in one place! Simple, quick, easy management.

How Does It Work?


1. Apply to "Become a Coach"

Click on the “Become a Coach” section or press “Sign in / Register”. Once you have done this, see the “Register” section. Fill in your relevant details and make sure you tick the box that reads “Apply to become a coach?”.


2. Select your membership tier

Here you can now select from 4 different tiers (see our “Memberships” page for more details) and sign up to your monthly membership.

3. Fill in your coach profile
Next, you will fill in your coach profile and create training sessions, so that clients/athletes can see what you are about and can also book/pay for training sessions around your availiablity. You will also need to connect a “Stripe” account to allow payments to go straight into your bank account after being recieved.
4. Accept bookings and give top class training sessions!
In your settings, you can make it so that athletes have to “request” a training session before it is confirmed. Or you can set it so that they can just book on staright away and pay.

How Does It Work?


1. Search through our selection of coaches
Anyone can use our serach feature to find teh right coach for them. Athletes/clients can specify the critiria such as location, sport, and review results.
2. View coaches profile
Select the coaches profile that appeals the most and see what training sessions they have availiable (or contact them direct). If they have sessions availiable you can then book/request a slot on the training session!
3. Fill in your coach profile
Athletes can then book and pay for the training session all online in seconds! At checkout you can then create an account for FREE to then be able to monitor/alter bookings and manage any future bookings.
4. Training session takes place, and you leave a review!
Once the training session takes place, athletes can then leave a review for future clients to see.

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  • All “athlete” accounts are completely FREE to set up and use. There is a small booking fee for taking the card transaction which is added at checkout.
  • We offer a wide range of memberships for coaches. Starting with our FREE Advertisement Tier, right up to our Personal Coaching Assistant Tier for coaches that struggle with time and client management.