FAQs from Athletes

How do I find out if my current coach is using BIZBOM?
Simply type your current coaches name into the search bar and if they have an active account with us, it will show up for you to book onto sessions with them.
How much does it cost me to set up an account?

Nothing! Our athlete accounts are totally free to set up and use. Create an account today.

Are there any hidden costs?
The price that the coach charges for the session does not change, the only addition to their session cost is a small booking fee for taking card payments, that is added when paying for the training session.
How do I know the coach I choose is authentic?
All coaches that have an account with us are vetted before being accepted for a coach account. You can also view any reviews by previous clients before deciding on the right coach for you.
Will other athletes see my profile?
No. The only people that can view your athlete profile are the coaches that you have booked onto sessions with.
I have not receive any emails to confirm my booking with a coach

Please check your spam folder and add contact@bizbom.com to your spam filter’s trusted sender list.

How do I leave Feedback for my Coach
To leave feedback for a coach please navigate to the bookings section in your account and click the order number of one of your completed bookings with the coach, you will then see an option to leave feedback. This option is only available on completed bookings.

FAQs from Coaches

How long after applying for a coaches account will I know whether I am accepted or not?
Usually you will have a confirmation notification within 2 working days. Once you have been accepted you can then select the tier you wish subscribe to.
How much does a coaches account cost per month?

We provide three tiers for coaches to choose from:

Advertising Tier- allows a coach to advertise their coaching services for FREE.

Tier 1- allows a coach to add one activity from which they can take bookings and payments from.

Tier 2- allows a coach to add up to 10 activities from which they can take bookings and payments from.

As we often have sales on, so check out our current pricing by click on our Membership section.

Why when I add a store icon does it not accept the image I upload?
Mostly likely this is because the image you are trying to upload is either too big or too small. The icon should be should be around 400px x 400px (square) as per twitter.
When a client books onto a session with me, how much commission does BIZBOM take?
0%!! When a client makes a booking with you, you receive 100% of session fee. For example, if you charge £50 for a session, when your client pays for the session you will receive the full £50 into your account.
What happens once an athlete pays for a session with me?
Athlete payments are instantly paid on payment confirmation via stripe connect or PayPal (depending on which service you choose to use). In order for this to happen, when setting up your coaches account, in the dashboard select Settings > Payment, then either input your PayPal email address to accept payments, or connect/set up an account with Stripe. Stipe is the recommended method of accepting payments, it is also quick and easy to set up. This gives you control of when the payments from clients goes into your relevant bank account.
If I have to cancel a session, but a client has already paid for it, how do I give them a refund or amend the date/time of the session?

Refund: You will need to manage refunds via Stripe Connect.

Amend a booking: If you need to make an adjustment to the time or date of a session, simply go onto the bookings section of your dashboard and select the booking you wish to amend. In here you can then change the time and date of when a session takes place.

I have not received any notification for the bookings my clients have made?

Please check your spam folder and add contact@bizbom.com to your spam filter’s trusted sender list.