DEMO Show Jumping Lesson

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Just a brief outline of the training session (eg, duration and/or location and who it is with).

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Here you put some detail into what you like your training session to look like. You can put details on facilities and ask any questions to potential clients to answer at check out. You can also give any examples of training sessions that you typically do day to day. You are able to add up to 10 activities that could include classes or clinics with groups or individuals. This is a detailed extract of what a typical training session, clinic or class will be and any example of exercises. Here you can ask any questions to clients about what you need to know before the session. You can outline how each session or clinic will take place, including what each session entails or what times are what levels.

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Here you can go into depth about what you have done as an athlete and/or as a coach. With any qualifications that you may have and references. This is where you put the most detail about yourself and your facilities that you have at your disposal for training sessions.