Goode2Tri- Swimming Training in an Elite Endless Pool

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A 1-1 swimming training session in an Elite Endless Pool with Richard Goode.

Coached by : Richard Goode
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You can choose between either a:
30 minute session- £20
1 hour session- £40

In these session we can either cover intense intervals- (this is for more experienced swimmers), or work on technique and the fundamentals of swimming. In your first session please select the 30 minute session where we will evaluate where you are at as a swimmer and will take it from here.

Swim training in an Elite Endless Pool is like swimming in open water – no turns, no shared lanes, no stopping. By eliminating turns you get a better understanding of your true open water endurance. The water flow from the swim unit is wider than your body and deeper than your stroke creating a smooth, comfortable, river-like current to swim against. An Elite Endless Pool delivers the ultimate swim because by swimming in-place you never turn, so your swimming is 20-30% more effective. The fitness benefits are extraordinary! The addition of an underwater mirror and video camera allows you to watch your form and make immediate changes to your swim technique.

If you have any special requirements for a training session, please be sure to specify this when you check out. Thank you.

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Goode2Tri, (previously Goode2Swim), was born after Richard’s return to coaching in the early 2000s.

In 2004 he bought an Endless Pool and started coaching Evesham Swimming Club members and teaching his daughters school friends how to swim and improve their stroke. Over time, more and more high level swimmers came to benefit from Richard’s unique ability to instantly see faults and create a mental model of how to correct it, by making small but highly effective adjustments to swimming technique.

Richard’s understanding of hydro-dynamics has allowed him to take the same ethos into correcting the body position on a bike for aero-dynamics. His excellent knowledge of exercise physiology enables Goode2Tri to create very effective training programmes such as the 24 Session Watt Bike programme which has proved unbelievably successful.

Richard invests in the latest sports training technology, and has two state-of-the-art altitude simulators which enable athletes to improve performance considerably.

Over the years, Richard has coached many athletes who have achieved considerable successes including:

Harry Ackland – World Schools Record Holder, 200m Breaststroke
Harry Bamforth – Welsh National Champion 1500m Freestyle
Alex Doherty – 2018 World & British Duathlon Champion, 2019 European Duathlon Champion, 2019 British Duathlon Championships Bronze

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Most activities allow you to cancel 48 hours before a training session, but some activities can be cancelled at different times. If you wish to cancel then please head to your bookings in your account and select the booking you wish to cancel. If it says "Request Refund" , once you have pressed this then you are able to receive a refund.
Before cancelling please be sure to contact Richard on, Phone: 01386 830381 Mobile: 07546 640573
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